Spring is Here

by cjdown

Ben Reeves

Although I am sure I haven’t seen the end of snow this year, the sun is shining today and it’s hard to repress that glimmer of optimism that spring is not far off. Last year at around this time, my friend Ben Reeves visited Sackville and brought a gift for my then one year old son Gruffydd, a copy of Taro Gomi’s book Spring is Here.

In the spirit of that delightful discovery, I am using this post to promote a few things I’ve come across lately (or not so lately) that make me think more about painting’s possibilities than usual.

Painters’ Table A great index of posts from the painting blogosphere. I check it daily.

Painting Perceptions A good blog focusing on paintings based on, perception. I sometimes feel like the interviews are speaking a language that is foreign to me, but that’s why I like it.

Abstract Critical A good blog with high quality writing. Much of this writing is very cranky and feels like there is an axe to grind (check out the discussion re: Gerhard Richter’s abstract painting). Again, that’s why I like it.

Mercedes Matter, Letter to NY Times, September 2nd, 1973,  How Do You Learn to Be an Artist?